Marty's Garden, May 17, 2018


It’s just past mid-May and we are once more stuck with lower temperatures and rain. This week we received over 2.5 inches of rain and there is more in the forecast for the next three days.

Last week we spent a few very nice days in Holland. Holland, Michigan, that is. Each year they hold their annual tulip festival and we certainly admired them all over town. Holland also has the one and only Dutch windmill bought from the Dutch Government and brought abroad to the USA. It was originally built in 1761 and brought to Holland, MI, in 1964. It has been fully restored and is now a working windmill in a pastoral setting among (of course) the tulips and many other blooming plants. Once the tulips are done blooming on Windmill Island Gardens they are removed and replaced with annuals, which will give the gardens an entirely new look for the remainder of the seasons. 

When we returned home I found myself in possession of a large cardboard box full of live plants; my long awaited delivery. I spent the next few days on hands and knees in the garden digging holes. Right now most of these new plants, a lot of them daylilies, don't look like much. They are a bit yellowed from being in a box and they certainly would appreciate sunshine to grow and perhaps, throw out a flower or two. I also got new hostas, a few miniatures, a few large hostas and a few of the "mouse" series. I don't know which "mouse" hosta came first, but I started my mouse addiction with blue mouse ears, followed by mighty mouse, sun mouse, church mouse and now monster ears. There are currently 50+ varieties of "mouse" hostas so I still have a way to go if I want to collect them all. As I walk through the garden now I am amazed how lush everything looks after some warm weather followed by rain, rain and more rain. There is one bright spot in the garden where low growing thyme has spread like a small carpet, hugging rock and cascading between them. Most of the time it is a rather bland, just green, ground cover, but when it blooms you can't miss it.