Marty's Garden, April 10th, 2020

Any time during the gardening season you come across the perfect gardening moment, a moment in time when a plant, or a group of plants, are at their peak and you capture this moment on camera. Then, within days, the flowers peak, conditions change and you look for the next perfect gardening moment. Sometimes we anticipate those perfect gardening moments.



In early spring, when trees burst into color, it seems we veer from one perfect gardening moment to the next in mere days. There is one moment I always eagerly await: the early blooming magnolias. Before I started my garden in Pennsylvania, I visited a friend’s garden in New Jersey. She had many remarkable specimens in her garden, but the plant I fell in love with was her yellow blooming magnolia. I searched for the same type tree and managed to find one. In the spring of 2018, as a small tree, I counted 40 blooms on the tree and considered myself quite lucky. Spring 2019 gave me a measly five flowers. What a let-down, but then there is always next year (gardeners are an optimistic lot!)



This spring there were so many flower buds and last week when they opened the tree was covered with magnificent yellow blooms; close to 100. Yes, I did count them! For two magnificent days I could barely take my eyes of the tree. Then, the next night we had severe thunderstorms and heavy rains. That morning about a third of the flower petals had fallen down. The following day we had 40+ miles an hour wind gusts and today I had to hold onto the car door with both hands before I managed to close it. Guess what, my perfect gardening moment with my yellow magnolia came and went within days, but I did manage to capture it at its peak. Fleeting at best, but a beauty to behold.

Yellow Magnolia