Marty's Gardening Journal, June 21st, 2012

As we bid adieu to spring, I opened my garden to fellow gardeners and members of the gardening club. We circled my garden, sat and chatted, and later on, toured my neighbor's garden as well. His garden, on a corner lot and at about twice the size of mine, is very different, but equally enjoyable. He has been collecting hostas for a while and has many different varieties spread out in all directions. Last year I dug up my large Sum and Substance hosta, divided it, replanted two large pieces in my own garden and carried the third part over to his. In a large bed filled with trees and shrubs, his hostas, including Sum and Substance, thrive in their shade. We marveled over his clematis (Jackmanii) climbing the downspouts and turning a corner of the house purple with the many blooms. Another clematis cascades over an evergreen shrub adding a necklace of pale red flowers. Back in my garden again, we talked some more as my frog made its way around the pond. Sitting on the ledge, some friends nearly mistook it for another ornament.

Frogs 2012

Later, comfortable in its favorite spot right at the top of the waterfall, its croaking punctuated our conversations.  As most of my frogs, they are content to roam around the garden, looking for food wherever they may find it. Occaisionally I come across them in the garden and most of them allow me to get up close for another pretty picture. Yes, I do love my frogs! 

smiling frog 2012