Gardening Journal, July 8th, 2013


This year I finally got tired of looking at clashing colors in the garden; orange lilies amidst pink hydrangeas. These oriential lilies are a sight to see as the color is quite striking. Flowers open a few at the time on the stem, beckoning bees to partake in the pollen.


lilies orange



But now they were being shadowded by trees and in their quest for sunlight they stretched sideways, moving into the path. With the flowers being nearly chesthigh, the pollen would leave marks on each passerby unless I removed the stamens from every opening flower, a job which soon became a bit tedious. That, and the clashing color with the pink hydrangeas made moving them a necessity.


Of course, in a garden as filled as mine, that meant room had to be made somewhere. The lilies like a sunny spot and there are only a few places left in the garden where they could go; either side of the gazebo door would be a perfect spot. I dug up a few columbine plants and started moving lily bulbs.

Afther the lilies  were moved I decided their old spot would be perfect for the much lower growing Hellebores. Soon a couple of them were relocated as well. Hellebores seedlings growing in a sunny strip which had finally turned into well blooming large plants were dug up too. These were moved to the shadier spot across the path where the lilies had been.

Now I have to wait till next year to see my handiwork in bloom; did I get all of the orange lilies, or is there a stray bulb left behind? Did I accidentally dig up a pink lily with the orange ones? Only time will tell.