Marty's Garden, early April, 2018

 Spring, oh spring, where art thou?


 I made it through January. February wasn’t too bad, but March just crawled and took forever to end. As we entered April things didn’t look much better and we were again on the receiving end of a snowstorm. Now we have temperatures in the 40s and still occasional snow.  Nearly mid-April and 14 states are under winter weather advisories with some cities or towns in the northern states getting up to two feet of snow.


 On a Friday we made a trip to Cape May in NJ. On the way down trees were just getting a slight haze of color. Once we got to Cape May the weather turned warmer and temperatures climbed into the high 70s, low 80s (although not quite that high in Cape May itself). By Sunday on our return home the wind blew fiercely, it rained, and it was raw. But oh, the sights on the way home. Suddenly white and pink blossoms had erupted, and greenery abounded.


 Last week I planted some lily bulbs at the end of the garden. Much to my delight, the soil was just wonderful. Without much effort, the spade bit into the crumbly soil and I carefully laid the already sprouting bulbs in their new homes. It won’t be long before they will peek out of the soil and in another month or two their fiery orange blooms will grace my garden. My small Magnolia tree is starting to open its first blooms after those two warm days and much to my delight, yes, the flowers will be a magnificent yellow. We still have some cold, dreary and damp days in the forecast but everywhere I look in the garden I can see signs of life. Get set, ready, GROW!