Marty's Garden, mid February 2019



Oh, how I detest this time of year. Sure, the days are getting longer, but sunshine is not in abundance and there are so many dreary days. While January was marked by rain events and very little snow, now we are getting nuisance snow events and even ice and hail. The next few days will bring rising temperatures only to see them fall again and with more snow in the forecast. Grrr.

 These days I spend more and more time in the basement, tending plants. The latest round of cuttings from my ‘Marrakesh’ coleus has been successful even when I forgot to water one of the cuttings and noticed it completely wilted 24 hours later. A bit of tender, loving care and it perked right up. I would consider coleus as one of the easiest plants to take cuttings from and even a  novice gardener would be able to increase the number of plants from just one plant. If you come across a coleus you absolute like this year, make sure you take a few cuttings come fall so you have new plants to put out in your garden the following spring!


I also started three trays with seeds. Grass in my case, and not just ordinary grass, but ornamental grasses. Two different types sprouted within the week, while the third tray doesn’t show any greenery yet. Few things are more satisfying than seeing seeds sprout and grow and nothing is more frustrating than waiting for anything to poke through the soil and announce its arrival. Oh, I hate this patience bit. Granted, gardening is all about patience. Waiting for spring to come around; waiting for that first flush of green and then the first bright colors returning to gardens and the world around us. Right now, I am more than ready to jump feet first in the garden if only 1. It was spring. 2. The weather was better. 3.  It was spring!


 On line I go to YouTube and watch British gardening show. Right now, I am on an Alan Titchmarsh kick with his “Love your garden” shows. Every episode shows how a new garden is created for a well deserving person who has experienced loss of a child, spouse, catastrophic health problem, or someone who brings joy to many others. All recipients are nominated by friends, family or co-workers and then Alan swoops in with his team and transforms a (usually derelict) garden into a place of peace, contemplation, play-space for kids and all-around beautiful space. They spare no expense and each garden is different from the next one with an amazing eye to detail and tailored for each recipient.  If you need an uplifting gardening show this time of the year, it is worth finding it on YouTube. I also manage to glean bits of plant knowledge from this show and note worthy plants in my little gardening notebook so I can look for them in time for spring planting.


My repotted primroses are growing like weeds and blooming to their hearts’ content. Their bright bunches of flowers brighten up my days while I wait, most impatiently, for the days when I can work outdoors again and see my garden come back to life. I know it’s coming, it’s just not coming soon enough.